Monday, September 27, 2010


This past month has been riddled with many unfortunate circumstances. From what now seem like trivial things such as the loss of an air conditioning unit and sunglasses to things that can tear a family apart like the loss of a family pet, loss of an unborn baby, and loss of a two year old child. It really puts life into perspective and sometimes it takes going through something unpleasant to be reminded of what God has given us. 

Tonight, we had to put down our wonderful dog Graycee. For those that don't know the story, Mark had bought Graycee while in a previous relationship and after about a year of Mark and I being together, we were blessed with a little chihuahua given to us "Moses" style. I'm not sure what was going through his ex's mind at the time she blindly dropped off Graycee, but whatever it was, I am glad she did. I loved her, and still do. But as things have it, she was old and her little heart just gave out. We were able to say our goodbyes and pet her before she passed. Coming home was hard though. 

However, my pain is nothing compared to the pain that a friend of mine has felt. She was 7 months pregnant and lost her unborn son. Tragically, she still had to birth the baby. I have read her blog, and I can't fathom her heartbreak. And more recently, a sorority sister of mine that was a few years behind me, lost her two year old son to a horrible accident. I can't put myself in her shoes because it hurts too bad. 

Being a mother has opened my eyes and my heart to so much that I have a new respect for people that have to endure some of life's most difficult hardships. I pray every day that God keeps my family safe and I more importantly, I thank Him everyday for every precious moment I have with them. 


  1. Leigh was telling me about our sister. I didn't know her by my heart aches for her. I simply can't imagine her hurt. Prayers for her and for you guys and Gracyee. >:( Hope the next week is better!

  2. Good post bestie! Crazy how life has forced us to open our eyes lately...real easy for things to get put in perspective. We really do have so much to be thankful for, one way or another. Sorry to hear about Graycee...I will keep you guys in my thoughts. :)