Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First night away and first trip to Houston

So after the last post, we celebrated Mark's birthday by having to get our air conditioning fixed. Good times were had by all, but we ended up staying in a hotel for two nights that weekend. The second night though, Lily spent the night at Grandma Peggy's house. It wasn't as bad as I expected, I think the anticipation was worse that the actual experience. I have to admit that I did shed a tear or two as Mark and I were leaving, but I knew that she would be in great hands. Lily did extremely well... except when it came to feeding time. Being that she has been breastfed and doesn't have much bottle knowledge, it was a little trying for Grandma to get her to take her bottle. Without success, Lily finally was fed by using a syringe. Not exactly conventional, but it did the trick. So, that next Monday, Mommy and Lily went on a tour of a few baby stores to find the "perfect" bottle. After trying out a few, we ended up going with the bottle that had the same nipple as her pacifier. Mission completed! Lily is now becoming a pro at eating from the bottle as well as still being breast fed. This made our next weekend in the hotel a lot easier! Here are some of Lily's 3 month pictures.
Happy girl laughing!
Winking at the camera

I am three months old today!
Big Grin!

Grandma and Lily
This past weekend we went to Houston and visited Mark's side of the family. It was a lot of fun and Lily did really well. She loved being held by her Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, and even her cousins. I was able to put her down in her travel bed (she goes to sleep really easily, thank goodness!) but her nap was short lived when she woke up by initiating that side of the family to one of her "blow outs"(and I don't mean a hair style). Grandma Sammie worked some magic though and was able to keep her white bloomers WHITE! I need to learn that trick soon. Ha ha! Her two cousins are completely in love with her too. Cy, the younger one, begs to hold her and loves that her hair color is becoming similar to his. Tomas is the older of the cousins and I love how he adores her as well. I have a feeling that both boys are going to enjoy teaching her all kinds of new things!
Tomas, Lily, and Cy
Aunt Pam and Lily
Aunt Didi and Lily
Uncle Ben and Lily
Uncle Steve and Lily

Chris with Kylie and Mark with Lily
We also had lunch with Lily's BFF Kylie. Her daddy Chris, is one of Mark's oldest childhood friends and wouldn't fate have it that they would both end up with daughters that are the same age. In fact, Missy's (Kylie's mommy) and my due date were only a day apart. Kylie ended up coming a few weeks early but they were still born in April and have the same Oh dear!

Okay, so now for some of her miles stones for the first week in August. Well, she is laughing a whole lot more and is developing an "Ernie" sort of laugh. (Sesame Street reference). She is pulling herself up if you hold on to her hands and LOVES to stand. I am not sure how normal this is for a three month old but if it makes her happy, then great! We are about to put her into a bouncer/walker once we find one that we like and she continues to like her tummy time. At this rate, she might just skip crawling all together, but we will see. We are still waiting to hear "mama" or "dada" but I'll settle for sounds like "Agoo" and "hia" for now. Any cute noise she makes is music to my ears!

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